#EXPLAININGENERGY: Buzzfeed and YouTube visit SSE's Griffin Wind Farm

SSE is always looking for new ways to engage with audiences and explain how we serve our customers.

Over the last year we’ve been running a series of #ExplainingEnergy articles on sse.com. Hopefully they’ve been interesting and informative but when Buzzfeed and YouTube asked to visit one of our wind farms we thought we’d give them a shot at #ExplainingEnergy.

Paul Curry from Buzzfeed and Tom Scott from YouTube make videos and write articles predominantly about science and technology. Both journalists seek to educate their audiences and we thought this was an excellent way of providing an insight into how a wind turbine operates.

Both Paul and Tom visited Griffin wind farm in Aberfeldy in Perthshire earlier this week. Griffin wind farm was completed in 2012, has 68 turbines and can generate 156.4MW of electricity. As with everything at SSE, safety was the number one priority for the day so ahead of the visit Tom and Paul had to complete full safety training for working at height.

Tom and Paul were given an insight on how serious we take safety on site and discovered seasickness can be a problem once at the top if the turbine is swaying from side to side in high winds. Thankfully, with their training completed, they safely made it to the top without any seasickness issues!

To read Buzzfeed’s Paul Curry’s take on his visit click here, while Tom Scott’s YouTube video can be accessed via this link.