An electrifying day of fun for Kintore School Nursery

Pylons, power and protecting wildlife were all on the agenda during an electrifying day of fun for the children at Kintore School Nursery before they broke up for their summer holidays.

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHE Transmission) works in the area and its Lead Environmental Project Manager, Keith Thomson was asked to visit the nursery – that his young son, Murray attends – and explain his role as part of their ‘World of Work’ project. 

Previous talks to the three- to five-year-olds have been from a doctor and a fireman, so Keith knew he had a lot to live up to, as he explains:

“In total, there were 120 children there on the day and they asked some great questions about how electricity was made, how lights worked and why the power went off sometimes. 

“My role involves considering the environment in our projects including the protection of wildlife and, as the children had recently taken part in a nature walk at Bennachie, they had heaps of relevant questions and it was fantastic to be able to tell them about my work and why it was so important; not just to me, but to the environment and the community they live in.”

High-vis snap bands, torches, pens, balls and a colouring sheet to highlight potential dangerous electrical situations in the home were handed out too, to help the youngsters see how safety comes first. Keith added:

“Safety is SHE Transmission’s top priority and with the nearby schools and nurseries breaking up for the summer, I wanted to make sure they understood there are potential dangers when electricity is involved. 

“It was great to be asked along to talk to the children and I hope that it might inspire a few of them in the future career choices.”

For further information on the Beauly-Blackhillock-Kintore reinforcement project, please visit the dedicated project website:

Keith used his ‘Be the Difference’ day to join the pupils and teachers at Kintore School Nursery.

SSE's ‘Be the Difference’ volunteering programme supports each of our 20,000 employees to Be the difference for a community project of their choice by taking a day away from their usual job and give a helping hand.

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