Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station takes part in “Amazed by Science” Festival

Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station near Warrington hosted an event recently as part of the “Amazed by Science” festival.

The event gave local children the opportunity to visit the power station and learn more about electricity generation. Around 30 members of the local community visited the power station, both children between the ages of 6 and 12, as well as parents. They took part in a number of activities including a drama based game about coal fired generation, making a model wind turbine and a site tour. The children also learnt about the importance of safety and tried on PPE for a photograph. As part of the visit, the group also visited the nature reserve on the site, where they made clay faces on trees and spotting birds in the hide.

Gemma Hill Davies, who runs the Education Resource Centre Manager at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station, and organised the visit said: “It was great that the station could be a part of the “Amazed by Science” festival. The children learnt lots whilst they were here but also really enjoyed themselves. 

“The Education Resource Centre here at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station gives local children the opportunity to learn about electricity generation in their area.” 

For more information on Amazed by Science please visit their website here.