Fiddler's Ferry Power Station celebrates British Science Week

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in Warrington has been working with local school children to teach them about generating electricity, as part of British Science Week.

Gemma Hill-Davis, the Education Resource Centre Manager at Fiddler's Ferry Power Station, led workshops for over 160 children between the ages of 4 and 11, where they learnt about how Fiddler's Ferry power station generates electricity, though the medium of drama.

The children from Murdishaw West County Primary School, acted out the process of generating electricity using physical theatre and sound effects. A number of games and activities also taught them about the uses of electricity. Children also learnt about the importance of electrical safety, got to try on some PPE and visited the station to have a site tour on a coach.

Gemma Hill-Davis said: "It was lovely to see the youngsters using their bodies to become pieces of coal and moving around the hall like a giant fire ball. It was very noisy, but the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt all about the process of generating electricity from coal in a fun, creative and engaging way." 

As well as learning about generating electricity from coal, the children also learnt about renewable energy, including wind generation. The children made their own wind turbine model to take home.