SSE meter inspectors lend a helping hand in Cumbria

Over the past week SSE has been part of a 100-strong metering team across a number of suppliers who have been providing on-the-ground assistance following the floods in Cumbria.

As well as helping to restore energy supplies in the area and assist any customers in vulnerable situations, SSE’s Mark Horridge and Chris North also helped with the clear up effort. 

The metering teams were primarily on the ground to help inspect meters were safe before they were re-energised however with what little spare time they had the team decided to provide any help they could by moving furniture or clearing up some of the mess left behind by the devastating floods. 

Mark Horridge, SSE Mop Team Manager said: “We had periods of down-time while we waited for the network to be fully restored so we decided to just help out in any way we could.

“The area was completely devastated and I can only imagine how upsetting it must’ve been for people to have their homes completely ravaged like that so helping with the clean up was the least we could do.

“More than 170 engineers, from a number of suppliers, working closely with the network provider for the area Electricity North West, inspected over 1,000 properties. We’ve still got a bit of work to do with those who were completely evacuated but once they return to their homes, we will ensure they get a safe supply of electricity.”

Any SSE customers impacted by flooding and worried about their energy costs or meter should contact us and we can ensure they suffer no detriment as a result of being off supply as well as rectifying any damage to meters.