Power to the People - Meet the stars - John Samuels

Tonight sees the screening on BBC4 at 9pm of the final one hour film on SSE. Here we meet one colleague who took part…

Tell us who you are and what your day job involves?
My name is John Samuels and I am a Field Collections Officer.  My day job involves meeting customers who are late or struggling to pay their utility bills for whatever reason and trying to work out a payment method for them to make things easier.  You have to show empathy for the customer as there are many reasons why they are in this situation.  Ultimately, we are there to try and help them.

What was it like to take part in the documentary?
For me, taking part in the documentary was quite exciting, certainly to know that I had been asked to represent our company on BBC FOUR just for doing my normal day job.

What do you hope the films will achieve?
I believe it will give viewers a better understanding of the utility companies like SSE and how hard we work as a company in helping the customers as much as we can.