Power to the People – Meet the stars - Mike Till

Tonight sees the screening on BBC4 at 9pm of the first of three one hour films on SSE. Here we meet one colleague who took part…

Mike Till - Operational Projects and Planning Engineer

Tell us who you are and what your day job involves?

I’m Mike Till MBE, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 50 years full-time service in the Electricity Supply Industry in several power stations across the length and breadth of the UK. Sadly I’ll be leaving SSE in April 2016 but I’ve enjoyed putting my wide range of experience to good use in my latest role. 

What was it like to take part in the documentary?

We got on well with the film crew from Blast. All the filming we did was spontaneous with no rehearsals, prompts or prepared scripts; all improvised - certainly no auto-cue!  Of course the film crew’s job was to get the best from you and sometimes you found yourself offering an opinion on a subject matter beyond your immediate expertise, but with the cameras rolling you kept going nonetheless. It was an enjoyable experience, even if you were always aware you were ‘on camera’.

What do you hope the films will achieve?

I hope the film portrays all those involved to be ‘genuine people’ that the general public can relate and warm to and it is not interpreted as being biased propaganda. With so much negative press the industry has received, the so called ‘big six’ in particular, I hope the programmes de-mystify what we do and we can be seen not to be interested purely in profits as we sometimes are portrayed to be. Too often what we do is taken for granted.  I hope the programmes are able to portray, in simplistic terms, the complexity of the market place in which we operate.