Power to the people - meet the stars - Stephen Rose

Tonight sees the screening on BBC4 at 9pm of the first of three one hour films on SSE. Here we meet one colleague who took part…

Stephen Rose - Head of Wind Generation

Tell us who you are and what your day job involves?

I’m the Head of SSE Wind Generation team, my team look after over 800 wind turbines both onshore and offshore in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The day job alternates between travelling the length of the country and meeting anybody in our team of over 250 hard works technicians, engineers and office personnel plus the usual office days ensuring the business runs safely and efficiently.

What was it like to take part in the documentary?

I was very keen that the team at site took part in the documentary, we are extremely proud of Greater Gabbard and in what we achieved in the last three years. We believe we run one of the biggest and best offshore wind farms in the world and that brings an enormous sense of pride when everything clicks into place and works.

What do you hope the films will achieve?

A huge proportion of the people living in this country expect the lights and the TV to come on at a flick of a switch and don’t really understand the challenges and effort it takes to supply energy to their door step; generating clean renewable energy from offshore wind is not easy and this film will help celebrate those people who make a sometimes difficult job look quite easy.