Power To The People - Meet the stars - Bobby Bennett

Tonight sees the screening on BBC4 at 9pm of the second of three one hour films on SSE. Here we meet one colleague who took part…

Tell us who you are and what your day job involves?
I am  Bobby Bennett and I work in the Awe Section of Hydro Generation and my base is at Inverawe Power Station near Taynuilt. My job involves looking after the civil catchment in the area which includes ensuring that all screens and ditches are kept clean to allow water to flow freely into our dams. I look after the water catchment area for three power stations and assist colleagues in looking after another two.

What was it like to take part in the documentary?
I enjoyed taking part in the documentary with some of my colleagues and I’m hopeful it’ll show how we all work together as a team. It was also good to explain to others the importance of the water for hydro.

What do you hope the films will achieve?
I hope the film shows SSE and in particular hydro in a good light and lets others see the work that we do to keep the dams full of water.