BBC documentary lifts the lid on life of an energy giant

BBC4 film reveals the hidden world of SSE filmed over one critical year

A documentary crew has been given unprecedented access to SSE in a new series that shows what really goes on behind the scenes. 

The three-part ‘Power to the People’ series runs on BBC4 from Tuesday 17 November over three consecutive weeks and scrutinises a sector rarely out of the headlines. 

SSE, the UK’s second largest energy supplier, agreed to let the cameras in to show the challenges it faces to provide power to the nation and keep its customers happy. 

Blast! Films Executive Producer, Alistair Pegg, said: “Love them or loathe them we are all in the dark when it comes to what the “Big Six” really do. We found a secret army; from linesmen to call centre staff who are under constant daily pressure to bring us the power we all need. 

“Energy companies are under fire from all sides, yet we have no idea how power is made and gets to our homes. SSE let us go behind the scenes and people can now judge them for themselves.”

Alistair Phillips-Davies, SSE Chief Executive, said: “Energy companies don’t win many popularity contests but we do play a crucial role building critical infrastructure and ensuring customers are happy. This is the side of SSE people rarely see; and is why we decided to let the cameras in.

“We provide an essential service to people so we have a duty to be open and help people understand us better. I’m proud of everyone who works at SSE and these films are their story.”  

The three Power to the People films will be shown on BBC4 at 9pm:

  • ‘Keeping the lights on’ – 17 November
  • ‘Its not easy being green’ – 24 November 
  • ‘The customer is always right’ – 1 December

Blast! Films is an independent production company whose work includes popular and award-winning documentary series like The Tube (BBC 2) and Coppers (Channel 4).