SSE joins campaign to tackle climate change and build green economy

SSE has backed a WWF-UK campaign to urge the newly-elected government to take decisive action to tackle climate change and move towards a low-carbon economy.  

SSE, which is the largest producer of renewable energy in the UK, is one of 80 companies to have signed an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, which has been published in today’s Financial Times.

The signatories have called on the UK Government to:

  • Seek a strong global climate deal in Paris in December which limits temperature rises to below 2°C.
  • Set an ambitious 5th carbon budget to drive forward UK emissions reductions (covering period 2028-32).  
  • Establish a long-term framework for investment in the low-carbon economy, giving industry much-needed clarity over what is expected in terms of low-carbon development, and boost the confidence of green investors.

Alistair Phillips Davies, Chief Executive of SSE said: “As one of the UK’s largest investors in low carbon energy, SSE has long argued for a strong international carbon framework that can provide the right signals for efficient investment.”

David Nussbaum, Chief Executive of WWF-UK, said: “British business is ready to step up. From construction and energy to retail, the best British enterprises know that green growth is the future. They take on board that it’s no longer credible to base a sustainable economy on fossil fuels, so the Government should put us on track for a low-carbon world.  

“As we approach international climate talks, Britain should be a global champion for change, but a lack of consistent long-term policies sends a confusing message to business and undermines our attractiveness to investors. The Prime Minister should send a clear message that the only way forward is a green economy, and support forward-looking firms that want to build a clean economy.”