Thank you

Electricity is an essential part of our lives. Even a short interruption to its flow is felt immediately. Our job at SSEPD is to ensure there are no interruptions, no power cuts, no inconvenience to our customers’ daily lives.

When storms strike our network, whether in central southern England or northern Scotland and the highlands, we know what is at stake. We constantly monitor the weather and meticulously prepare for it days in advance – mobilising engineers, tree cutters, linesmen, line scouts, customer call centre staff, welfare and priority service teams, customer community advisers and numerous others behind the scenes.

All this preparation is for when we have to do battle with the elements. Over the past few days our engineers have faced storm force winds of more than 100mph, blizzards, driving rain, sheet ice, and to top it all, lightning. They live and work in the very same communities they serve, and when it is safe to do so, they work round the clock.

So when you – our customers – thank us for restoring your electricity supply in such atrocious conditions, we would like to thank you in return for the understanding and patience you have shown in abundance. Your kind emails, phone messages, posts on Twitter and Facebook, will encourage us to do everything we can to improve further what we do before the next storm hits. Your words go an extremely long way when the clouds darken, lightning strikes and gale force winds blow.

Thank you.

About the author

Stuart Hogarth Director of Distribution

Stuart started work with SSE in 1979 as an apprentice at Peterhead Power Station. Stuart then moved to the Hydro Power stations and spent 17 years in a variety of roles including Group Manager for the Sloy\Awe group covering from Tarbet on Loch Lomond to Oban and Campbeltown. After moving to Perth in 2002 to work for Ian Marchant as Head of Business Improvement, he became Head of Operations for Power Distribution, responsible for the operation, maintenance and refurbishment of the Electrical Distribution network in the North of Scotland. Stuart was then involved in a number of development projects in England, before moving into the role of Distribution Operations Director based in Reading and responsible for the network in the South of England. Stuart is now Director of Distribution and is now responsible for all aspects of SSE's electricity distribution business across the UK.

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