SSE's Home of the Future Report

The kettle still reigns supreme with almost one in five (23%) Britons choosing it as their favourite appliance almost 100 years after it was first mass produced, new research from SSE has revealed.

While seven out of 10 of us would include the kettle in their top five morning devices, the smartphone is gaining ground with half the country (48%) also including it as one of the first things they turn to, according to a sneak preview of SSE’s Home of the Future Report.

SSE is proud to power more than five million UK homes and businesses.  It’s Home of the Future Report, to be published in full next week, presents a snapshot of British home life now and people’s future expectations.

Will Morris, SSE Group Managing Director, Retail, said:  “At SSE we are proud to power the passions of the nation in more than five million homes and businesses across Britain. In this report we set out to shine a light on how energy is enriching our lives in the modern household today, but also how power can shape the home of tomorrow.

The research found there’s no regional tea divide, with Yorkshire (34%), the South West (32%), the North West (31%) and the East Midlands (30%) all ranking the kettle as the first they switched on in the morning. And it’s also powering a nation of homeworkers with one in four (26%) ranking the kettle is an essential tool for working from the laptop (82%), home Wi-Fi (59%) and smart phone (42%).

Almost one in ten (9%) turning on the kettle as the best thing electricity enables them to do, over listening to music (7%) and learning online (4%).  

SSE’s Home of the Future Report also found that a digital revolution is taking place in more than half the nation’s households (67%) as we abandon the traditional cookbook for online recipes.

Men are overtaking women as cooking connoisseurs with 57% more likely to say cooking is a passion compared to 54% of women. Londoners are the real “cookaholics” of the UK with 44% revealing they see cooking as a passion rather than a chore [insert most relevant regional statistic].

Leading British futurologist, Dr James Bellini, said:  “It’s not surprising the humble kettle still reigns supreme. As the boundaries between work and personal life become increasingly blurred, the home will take on a dual role as workplace and haven. Amidst all the digital marvels of the 2020s household - from molecular cookers to waterless washing machines - the appeal of a warming brew will remain undimmed.”