Helping vulnerable customers

Protecting customers in vulnerable situations

Anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable situation, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. Whether it's caused by illness, low income, disability, age or location we can assist whenever help is needed.

We are proud of our track record of delivering award-winning customer service and we have regularly topped independent league tables for our high standards. Nowhere is great customer service more necessary than when someone finds themselves needing extra support. We fully recognise this and that's why we offer our Careline service.

Careline combines our best-in-class customer service with the extra assistance customers' value when they need additional help. From large print and Braille bills to textphone services, password schemes and extra energy efficiency advice - we can, and will, help.

See more about the extra services we offer customers when they need it most:

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Shielding customers from rising energy costs

In addition to the practical help we provide to customers, financial assistance is also available. We know that the cost of energy is a concern for many people, especially the fuel poor, and we take our responsibility to help vulnerable customers manage the cost of their energy very seriously.

We do this in a number of ways:

  • during 2013/14, we expect to spend more than £50m providing assistance to over 300,000 vulnerable customers through the Warm Home Discount scheme;
  • we have frozen energy prices until at least 2016. This is the longest unconditional price guarantee ever offered by an energy company and is intended to shield SSE's customers from rising energy costs;
  • we provide tailored and flexible payment arrangements to help customers pay for the electricity and gas they use in a way that suits their circumstances;
  • we expect to fund and manage more than 125,000 energy efficiency installations in homes throughout Great Britain in 2013/14 under the ECO scheme, as well as providing free energy efficiency advice to our customers in order to help them reduce costs by wasting less energy;
  • during winter, we have a no disconnection policy covering all customers; and
  • we work closely with partners, including consumer bodies such as Citizens Advice Bureau and National Energy Action and voluntary organisations, to help vulnerable customers.

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