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Energy Networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) forms part of the SSE Group and is responsible for keeping the lights on for 3.7 million UK homes and businesses. If something unexpected causes a power cut in our regions, it is our job to fix it as quickly and as safely as possible to ensure we deliver for our customers. That’s why we’re looking for people like you - motivated individuals with bags of energy who get the job done.

Our business is powered by talented, enthusiastic people in a whole range of roles - supporting, co-ordinating and driving the business to meet our responsibilities and achieve our goals. Join us and you’ll be part of a unique task force dedicated to looking after our customers.

In this short video, we tell our story. Proud of our past, prepared for the future. We're powering our community.


Energy Networks Apprenticeships 

Apprentices in Power Distribution undertake a four year programme gaining the knowledge and skills required to safely build, repair and maintain the circuits that deliver electricity to over 3.5million homes and businesses in the south of England and the north of Scotland. These jobs can be physically demanding and will involve working outdoors no matter what the weather to ensure a reliable service to our customers. 

We have four different apprenticeship programmes available within our Energy Networks business. 

Networks Fitter

A Networks Fitter is responsible for the maintenance, testing and repair of plant and equipment of the electricity network. This would be the substation you can see at the end of your road or in the local high street. Each substation houses the transformer which feeds the underground and overhead electrical network which supplies your home and local businesses. 

As a fitting apprentice you will be trained and will gain qualifications which will enable you to work safely so that you can enter and work in sub-stations. 

Once you have completed your apprenticeship you will become a fully qualified fitter. If you demonstrate the appropriate attributes and commitment you will be able to progress further by continuing to expand your knowledge and authorisation to an advanced level working on the higher electrical voltages.

Overhead Linesperson

A Networks Overhead Linesperson will work on the overhead cables and pole mounted equipment. You will see the poles and overhead lines in your local area providing power from substations to homes or into a substation where it transfers to the underground Network. 

The work will include planned work to replace equipment as part of a maintenance programme, to provide a new supply to a customer’s property or dealing with an emergency where a customer is off supply perhaps due to weather. 

You will be trained to work safely at heights and construct networks by erecting poles and conductors. You will learn how to use a M.E.W.P (Mobile Elevated Work Platform), tow and use mini-excavators.  

If you demonstrate the appropriate attributes and commitment after you have completed your apprenticeship there will be opportunities to continue and enhance your training and authorisations to an advanced level.

Cable Jointer 

A Networks cable Jointer works on the Underground Electricity cables. The work undertaken by a Networks Jointer includes dealing with planned work such as connect a new house to our Network or dealing with an emergency where a cable may have been damaged by an underground fault or a third party, causing our customers to be without supply. 

This role involves the excavation, installation, identification, jointing and connection of electricity cables. 

You will be trained to work safely so that you can enter and work in sub-stations, carry out excavations in public areas, work on live LV cables and work on the live LV underground network, tow and use mini-excavators. 

Once you have completed your apprenticeship you will become a fully qualified Jointer. If you demonstrate the appropriate attributes and commitment you will be able to progress further by continuing to expand your knowledge and authorisation to an advanced level.


Multiple Craft Apprentices will either be Jointers first and foremost with an element of Linesperson duties or Linesperson Apprentices with an element of Jointer duties. This will be dependent on the location and what is needed in that area.

Renewable Operations

Here at SSE we operate and maintain one of the largest renewable energy businesses within the UK.  Our assets are located across the whole of the UK and Ireland and are a vital part of the national energy system.  

Within Renewable Operations there are 79 Hydro Power Stations, 200km of aqueducts and a water storage capacity of 3200 million m3.  Our windfarms, located throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, include over 860 wind bases and towers all of which contribute to the electricity generation within the UK.  The work is challenging, but rewarding and varied, you will get the opportunity to do your best and develop yourself, whilst helping support the low carbon energy future.

Renewable Operations Multi-Craft Engineering Apprentice Programmes

We offer multi-craft apprentice programmes in our Hydro and Wind Generation teams.  Whilst your chosen programme will place emphasis on either our hydro electricity generation plant or our wind turbine servicing and maintenance requirements, throughout your 4-year apprenticeship you will be exposed to and gain experience in all aspects of the Renewable Operation business.  This includes plant operations, planning and logistics and engineering and overhaul support. 

Hydro and Wind Apprentices undergo a training programme that is expected take up to 4 years to complete.  We train our apprentices to have a Multi-craft background in both Mechanical and Electrical engineering disciplines.  The first 18 months of the programme are spent at college full time where you will be expected to complete a SVQ Level 2 qualification, Performing Engineering Operations (PEO2) along with a National Certificate in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  On completion of the college phase, the remainder of the programme, phase 2 is site based working towards gaining the knowledge, skills and experience required to complete your SVQ level3 in both Mechanical and Electrical engineering.  During Phase 2 additional training dependant on equipment type you will work on and authorisation levels required to become a Hydro Multi-craft Crafts person or Wind Service Technician will be given.

Upon completion of your programme the opportunity to progress into a full time role may be available and this may involve relocation to another location from your training site.  Key opportunities could be as a Wind Turbine Service Technician or Hydro Generation Craftsperson but there may be other options within our engineering and support teams.  Your business mentor and apprenticeship coordinator will support you in identifying suitable opportunities.  Once employed in a full time role you will have excellent career progression avenues and the organisation will support you in your ongoing personal and professional development.

SSE Contracting

As one of the UK’s leading mechanical and electrical contractors, the SSE Contracting business operates from 64 offices across the UK and employs over 4,700 engineers and electricians. Our Apprenticeships offer a four year programme which will support you in working towards becoming an Electrician, Plumber, Heating and Vent Engineer, High Voltage Fitter, Jointer or working in an Electrical role for Railway Services.

Electrical Apprenticeship

In an Electrical or Railway Services Apprenticeship you’ll be taught how to safely isolate various electrical systems of work and install various types of electrical containment into the fabric of buildings. This could be schools, commercial buildings, railway stations or domestic property. The work could be ranging from anything to rewiring lights, fixing and installing new power sockets and supply’s to any commercial domestic buildings. You will also be involved in finding electrical faults which could include a tripped circuit breaker to a full electrical outage of power. The type of work involved means that you must be comfortable with working at height.

Mechanical and Plumbing

In a Mechanical Apprenticeship your work will range from installing boilers, pumps, isolating valves and radiators together with maintenance and remedial work. Within this role you’ll be taught how to cut, measure and install pipe work of various sizes with materials including steel, plastic and copper. This will include piping up to boilers, radiators, connecting pumps, isolation valves and welding. You will also be working on air handling units, hot/cold and chilled water systems. This variety of work will see you working in plant rooms and boiler houses inside commercial/ industrial buildings like schools and offices. The type of work involved means that you must be comfortable with working at height.