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Hear from some of our current crop of Engineering Craft Apprentices in our regularly updated blog below.

Aiden Docherty - Engineering Craft Apprentice

Introducing Aiden

Aiden Docherty _For Web

Name: Aiden Docherty
Job: Electrical Apprentice
Location: Glasgow

A year ago from just now I was just starting the first of a long process of applications never knowing I would finally end up here. At 16 I came straight into the job out of school not knowing what to expect. I'm still amazed today that I am in a position where I am  constantly learning and interested in my job. I feel that an apprenticeship is the best career path for me as and others as we get the benefit of classroom experience at college and learning skills on the job.


2017 - February

After 6 months of working with SSE I now feel fully part of a well functioning team. I started work in August 2016 and have been working on many different jobs all based in Glasgow. I also get to spend time in Perth while I'm at college which helps me transfer my skills over into the classroom and gain a better understanding of my trade.

6 months ago I was walking into a brand new environment with little if any knowledge in the field. I remember my first day at the office where I was handed my tool kit and I didn't even know what half of what I had was called. I had 2 weeks spent on the job before going for my first block at college. My first block at college was a 5 week block where I feel that I was more productive than I had ever been before. I hadn't realised that at college I had gained so much knowledge until I got back to work where I felt more confident and involved in the team. I felt that my understanding of the jobs I was doing was improving and slowly I began to progress and work more independently. In college we are given great support from lectures and mentors from SSE so that we are always supported and we always are able to get help if needed. After 6 months of my apprenticeship I feel that I am constantly learning and developing new skills everyday.

Cai Robinson - Mechanical Apprentice

Introducing Cai

Cai Robinson _For Web

Name: Cai Robinson
Job: Mechanical Apprentice
Location: Southampton

Hi there, my name is Cai Robinson and I am a first year mechanical apprentice. I started on the 11th September and so far I have enjoyed every minute.


2017 - February

My first week of working for SSE started with an apprentice induction, we all stayed in a hotel and were trained in first aid and other essential skills before we started our SSE journeys. Whilst there, we also had the chance to meet some of the people looking after us in the offices and form some connections.

After this it was time to start properly, I am a day release student so I attend college every Monday. Whilst there, we work on practical skills as well as theory.

The practical skills we work on range from simply using hand tools  like hacksaws, threaders and pipe cutters, to the proper use of machinery like rigid threading machines and pneumatic benders.

The theory work explains some of the site rules - things such as how the hierarchy of a construction site works and how to properly manage the waste and energy needs of the site.

Chloe Mannion - Engineering Craft Apprentice

Introducing Chloe

Chloe Mannion _For Web

Name: Chloe Mannion
Job: Electrical Apprentice
Location: Chichester

Hi my name's Chloe and I'm 20. I'm currently on the first year of my apprenticeship in electrical installation. I left college in 2015 with no idea what to do. I started searching for apprenticeships a year later and came across SSE, I read into the company and more about the apprenticeship and I was really impressed. It's been six months since I started and I really enjoy coming into work (even the early starts) and experiencing something new everyday.


2017 - August

As I'm sure most of you know, we're coming to end of the school holidays. This has been an especially busy period as lots of schools want works done while the students are off.

I've been bouncing around schools in different areas and I'm currently working at my old secondary school, which is perfect as it's only down the road but it's strange as I see all the background areas that were obviously off limits when I was a student.

2017 - June

Since my last update, I have been back from college for 3 months and have been working hard with some of the electricians at my depot. I’ve been doing lots of different work in different places from schools to fire stations and am enjoying every minute.

2017 - May

Since my last update, I have been back from College for three months and have been working hard with some of the electricians at my depot. I've been doing lots of different work in different places, from schools to fire stations, and I'm enjoying every minute!

2017 - March

In these past couple of weeks I've been at work and college. For college, we go away for block weeks dotted around the year and stay away at a hotel with our class mates.

As well as making it easier than commuting, it helps build really good relationships with the others in class and in the past 7 months I've made some great friends.

I've been busy at work with some installations which will help to complete my NVQ so after all the exams, I will be a fully qualified electrician.

Conor Butters - Engineering Craft Apprentice

Introducing Conor

Conor Butters _For Web

Name: Conor Butters
Job: Electrical Apprentice
Location: Glasgow

My name is Conor. I started my SSE plumbing apprenticeship in August 2016. I can't believe I'm already half way through my  first year! I'm really enjoying my job and I'm learning new skills everyday by either being hands on the tools, by watching my first class tradesman or by learning key skills at college. The progression I've made in 6 months is huge. When I started I didn't even know what half the tools in my bag were called or even what they were for!


2017 - July

Over the past few weeks I have moved to a different site. It has been interesting getting to see how a different site works and how different buildings get their plumbing systems installed. The site I’m at now is pretty small compared to the previous one I was on but it shows that no matter the sizes of the buildings, the principles of plumbing are mostly the same.

I am almost about to start my second year at college which will further develop my learning to help me through my apprenticeship.

2017 - April

Over the past few weeks I have been finishing off my first year college course. We have been completing the end of unit assessments on all of the different modules we have to learn.

On site we have been installing sanitary wear from sinks to disabled pans. I have also been turning the water on in the building and learning about what is involved in getting the water to flow to the tap and how it gets back into the sewage system.

George Douglas - Engineering Craft Apprentice

Introducing George

George Douglas _For Web

Name: George Douglas
Job: Electrical Apprentice
Location: Thatcham

Hi I’m George Douglas, 21 years old and I’m from Thatcham depot. I’m currently in the second year of my apprenticeship and enjoying all aspects of work and college.


Matthew English - Engineering Craft Apprentice

Introducing Matthew

Matthew English _For Web

Name: Matthew English
Job: Electrical Apprentice
Location: Bournemouth

My name is Matthew and I began working as an Apprentice Electrician with SSE Contracting in September 2016. Since starting, I have been lucky enough to get a wide range of interesting and substantial jobs in places such as hospitals, police stations and schools. I look forward to being able to go into greater detail about the work I do and what I learn through this blog.


2017 - May

I've been working on a load of industrial and commercial jobs. I've done some work on a hilltop solar farm in Shepton Mallet, overseeing and assisting with the installation of High-Voltage switch gear and their enclosures, which also needed emergency lighting and power sockets. This became a tidy lesson on wiring emergency lighting and small distribution boards.

I've been at Lymington Precision Engineering's extensive complex, undertaking some minor renewals to lights, as well as replacing older incandescent high-level suspended lights with much brighter LED units. In addition to these minor works, a new circuit was installed on one shop floor to power four new machines. This involved taking a four-core armoured cable across the ceiling (about seventeen metres up) with the help of a MEWP, from one end of the floor to the other, where a new distribution board was installed. From the new board came another cable, which was to supply a new isolator for one of the machines.

Just recently I've been working in an office block in central Bournemouth where a new supply panel was being installed, involving a great deal of heavy work re-routing 185mm² and 240mm² three-core cables from their initial point of termination, which was outside the building, to this new panel inside. The cables were cleated onto cable ladder that was suspended from the ceiling.

Besides that, I've been in a caravan park, a hospital, and a Butyl Sealant factory. And on the horizon lies a twenty-three week contract at a Marina in Poole to upgrade their entire site's supply.