Responsible operator

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SSE operates a range of assets across the UK and Ireland and has a responsibility to do this in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way. SSE aims to use resources responsibly and be transparent in its reporting of this. As a responsible operator, SSE must also work to minimise disturbance from its activities to the communities that it works within. 

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Our Carbon Story

SSE is committed to reducing the carbon intensity of its overall electricity generation by 50% (compared to 2006) by 2020. To meet this target, we continue to invest in renewable generation, having invested over £4bn since 2007, and have the broadest renewable generation portfolio in the UK.

Between 2014/15 and 2015/16, SSE reduced its total carbon emissions by 22%. Click on the image to see what makes up our carbon emissions.

Teaching fishermen new tricks

Whether it is a depot for our network maintenance teams, a large power station, or a customer service centre, wherever we operate we seek to maximise the contribution we make to the local economy.

In this short video, Stephen Rose explains the positive impact our new offshore operations centre has had in the Lowestfoft area.

Doing things safely

We believe all accidents are preventable so, we do things safely and responsibly, or not at all.

SSE has developed its ‘Safety Family’ programme – a unique discussion-based behavioural change programme designed to equip and empower individuals to bring about changed working practices. All 20,000 of SSE’s employees have had the opportunity to engage with the programme.

For SSE’s 2015/16 safety performance see page 27 of our Sustainability Report 2016.

Innovating for the future

Our Networks business is exploringnew, lower carbon ways to operate the electricity networks of the future.

These include: the Thames Valley Vision project, a £30 million collaborative project established to explore how electricity networks of the future can be managed differently to help the UK achieve a low carbon economy; and My Electric Avenue, which aims to understand how local electricity networks can cope with charging clusters of electric vehicles.

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Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre

SSE is UK’s largest generator of renewable energy but renewable forms of generation are not something new to us – we have been leading the renewables revolution for over 70 years. In early 2017, SSE will open the new £4m Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre which will host an exhibition outlining the unique history of hydro electricity that showcases the social, environmental and engineering impacts of bringing power to the Highlands 

Click here to understand more about our heritage.

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