Strathy North - Ring Fenced Fund

This fund from Strathy North wind farm will provide a single payment of £228,000 into a fund for community organisations and projects within the Strathy and Armadale area.

You can apply for a grant if you are:

  • A legally constituted community group
  • A non-profit organisation; 
  • A registered charity

Within the community council area of Strathy and Armadale, we can support projects which;

  • Help build sustainability into the local communities as places to live, work and visit
  • Strengthen and diversify the local economy through support for local enterprise
  • Support the acquisition, development and use of new community assets and enhance existing ones
  • Support development of the range of activities and services available to the community

Grant requests to support a wide range of costs and activities will be considered e.g. equipment costs, running costs for local groups, staff or sessional worker costs, consultants, maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities etc.

Sorry we can’t support the following projects:

  • Projects which do not benefit people living within the community council area of Strathy and Armadale.
  • Individuals, or groups without a constitution 
  • The advancement of religion or politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups) 
  • Trips abroad
  • General fundraising appeals or activities 
  • Costs of energy consumption 
  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts 
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before we have made a decision on an application (retrospective funding). 
  • Payments towards areas generally understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities.
  • Applications that are for the sole benefit to flora and fauna. Applicants are invited to demonstrate the direct benefit to the local community and/or service users in cases where the grant application is concerned with flora and fauna.
  • Anti-wind farm/renewable energy activities, including activities contrary to the interests of SSE and its subsidiaries.
How much How to apply
£1 - £500                                                                                                                                                 Applications for grants up to £500 can be made through a micro-grant scheme through Strathy and Armadale Community Council. Strathy and Armadale Community Council will receive applications directly and will make decisions on any micro-grants awarded in its area. Micro grants are open to individuals, constituted and non-constituted groups to apply.
£500 - £5,000 Main grant application form
£5,001 - £10,000 Main grant application form
£10,000 - £25,000        Strategic grant proposal, then at the panels agreement strategic grant application and presentation to the panel
Over £25,000 Contact Community Investment Advisor to discuss project, prior to submitting a grant proposal form



For more information on applying for the grants please see our Guidelines.

Main Grants (£500 - £5,000), (£5,001 - £10,000)

These grants will support community activity that is often related to one off critical items or that enables a group to continue providing the core activity it provides. Groups sometimes enter leaner periods and it is quite legitimate for them to seek funding from the Strathy North Community Fund. These grants can also support community activity that will be an extension, pilot or development of what is currently being provided by the group. It may also include an attempt to work in partnership with another local group so the one grant may, in effect, help resource two groups.

Strategic Grants (£10,001 - £25,000)

Strategic investments will be planned investments in specific projects or organisations and are likely to involve funding beyond a one year period. Strategic grant-making should involve, but not be restricted to, applications for projects which have a long-term impact on the communities involved. The maximum level of grant award will be capped at £25,000. Any application for a strategic grant will be subject to a two stage application process taking over 6 months depending on grant deadlines and panel meeting dates. In the first instance, applicants will be asked to complete an outline proposal form for consideration by the Panel. A proposal form submitted within a round deadline will go to the next panel meeting. The Panel will then decide whether it wishes the applicant to submit a full application for funding, or not. Applicants who are advised to submit a full application will also have to deliver a short presentation to the panel, on their project and application.

Strategic Grants (over £25,000)

Contact the Community Investment Advisor for the fund, to discuss your project, prior to any proposal or application form being submitted.

An advisory panel - made up of local residents and representatives from Strathy and Armadale Community Council area – has been established and decides how grants are awarded.

Applications will be accepted at any time, scheduled decision meetings are mid April,  early July and mid November.

Fund update

Fund balance remaining: £184,153.72

Awards granted at last panel meeting:

  • £7,325.00 - Field of Hope, boundary stone dyking and planting.
  • £1,933.78 - Picnic Area, install picnic bench and replace cope to boundary wall.


Who can I contact for further information?

Fiona Morrison, Community Funds Manager

T: 01463 728376