Kyle of Sutherland Apprenticeship Scheme

The Achany Community Investment Fund offers an apprenticeship scheme as part of its efforts to ensure wide ranging and long lasting impact. The aim of the scheme is to enhance prosperity and promote thriving communities within the community council areas of Ardgay & District, Creich and Lairg by supporting sustainable local business and employment.

The scheme contributes to the following outcomes which are two of the funds overall priorities:

  • Stimulate new ideas and innovative approaches to generate growth, development and new employment. 
  • Strengthen and diversity the local economy through support for social enterprises and businesses especially those that explore test and develop activity that sensitively exploits the area’s tourist potential or niche business areas. 

An apprenticeship scheme grant will help with costs involved in business support, travel accommodation and training of an apprentice. The maximum amount of financial support to any business over the years is currently estimated to be £10,000-£12,000. The final amount will vary depending on the context and the needs of each business and apprenticeship.

Support from the Achany Fund will be additional to that provided by any industry governing bodies such as SECTT, SNIPEF or construction skills which the applicant t is asked to declare on the application form. Payments are made in instalments over the apprenticeship period and are subject to reporting conditions.

  • Demonstration of appropriate health and safety procedures 
  • Adequacy of equipment to cover the range of training required 
  • Existence of relevant employees and public liability insurance 
  • Registration of the apprentice with the appropriate skills body if relevant. 

How to apply

The scheme is open to any private businesses irrespective of size or scale, based in the community benefit area and that qualifies as a suitable employer.

For more information contact Jane at:
Lairg and District Learning Centre
T: 01549 402050