Local Community funds

Glenluce _For Community PageCommunities can access funds which we make available near each of our renewable energy developments.

For over ten years now we have established funds to enable communities to develop sustainably by funding charitable and community initiatives.

In Great Britain, since 2002 we have supported over 1,000 community projects with grants totalling over £13 million.

We set up local and regional community funds for each new onshore wind farm we build. For our local funds, panels made up of community members review applications and decide which projects to support and we work closely with the panel and applicants to ensure opportunities are maximised for the benefit of the community.

Details of our community benefit funds, and how to apply for funds in your area, can be found by following the links below. We support the Scottish Government's Community Benefit Register and each of our funds is also listed there.

Sustainable Development Fund

In addition to our local community funds, we launched the SSE Sustainable Development Fund to support strategic projects in the regions in which we are investing.

The fund will support projects which take a longer term view by delivering transformational social, economic and/or environmental changes in the community and develop sustainable ventures for the future.

We will make funds available within any local authority where an SSE wind farm was constructed after 1 January 2012 and expect the fund could be worth over £50 million over the next 25 years. Find out more.

More fund information

Take a look at our guide to community funds.

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