Education Resources

At SSE we take our responsibility to inspire young people about sustainable energy use and spreading the messages around electrical safety very seriously.

We have dedicated pages on our website and we hope that you find the resources available online useful if you are a teacher, parent, group leader or young person.

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Our resources aim to educate in a fun way about the dangers of electricity, to learn about how electricity is made and what can be done to lead a more sustainable, greener life.

School Resources

You can download school resources below

We also actively support our staff going to schools to deliver talks and lead activities through our Be the difference programme. You can find out more about the scheme and apply here.  

Green energy trail

You can learn how SSE produces renewable energy from water and wind, how you can save energy and places you can visit using the link below.

Visit our Green Energy Trail website.

For the kids

You can find out more about electricity generation, supply and safety by visiting the education resources pages on