Responsible Society Member

Connected to the rest of society

Wind Farm 2SSE is deeply interconnected with the society it serves and operates within. We understand we must contribute positively to this society by sharing the value SSE creates, through actions such as paying our fair share of tax and being an active contributor to the communities that we are part of.

The Good CorpThe good corporation

Since 2015, SSE has held two events designed to encourage discussion around the nature of the good corporation and its role in modern society. At the events, SSE has discussed its response to the challenge of being a good corporation, including paying people a fair wage and contributing a fair share of tax. Guest speakers from a variety of organisations have been invited to join in the debate to give their opinions on how businesses should adapt and change in the future.

To read the 2016 event programme, click here.

Paying our fair share

Since 2014, SSE has remained the only FTSE 100 company with the Fair Tax Mark – an independent accreditation for businesses that proactively demonstrate they pay the right tax, in the right place at the right time. We hope to have set a new benchmark in corporate disclosure with the publication of our Talking Tax 2016 booklet, which aims to make our tax affairs more transparent, clear and accessible.

You can read more about our approach to tax in the reporting and policy section.   


Investing in communities

SSE seeks to be an active contributor to the communities in which it works and lives in. Through our Be the Difference scheme, each of our 20,000 employees can take a day away from their usual job and give a helping hand to a community project of their choice.

We operate a leading community investment programme, delivering financial support to a diverse range of community projects near to our renewable developments in the UK and Ireland.

PWC Economic Impact Report

FY16 is the fifth financial year that SSE has asked PwC to estimate the economic contribution it makes to UK and Irish GDP and jobs. For a second year, this information has been published within SSE’s Annual Results and Annual Report.

SSE's investments and operations contributed £8.87bn to UK GDP in 2015/16, and its activity supported 113,640 UK jobs. Within the Republic of Ireland, €805m was contributed by SSE to GDP and 4,910 jobs were supported in 2015/16. Read the report here.