SSE's responsibility framework

Sustainability is integrated into SSE's business strategy and is one of six core values guiding decisions and actions within SSE.

This sustainability value is defined as: 

'Our actions and decisions are ethical, responsible and balanced, helping to achieve environmental, social and economic well-being for current and future generations.'

SSE's economic, social and environmental impacts are significant and as a responsible business, SSE actively manages these impacts to secure long-term commercial success. To do this, SSE engages and works constructively with, a range of key stakeholders to identify the company's most material issues and to monitor emerging trends. 

For more infomration on how sustainability is incorporated into SSE's business strategy, see pages 2 to 9 of SSE's Sustainability Report 2017.



Our 'Responsible House' provides the basis from which stakeholders can understand how SSE's activities and relationships add value. With the core purpose of the company providing the context, SSE's sustainability value describes what being sustainable means to SSE.

Three 'bricks' of the house outline the way in which the core businesses across the SSE Group add value as service providers, operators of existing assets and developers of new assets. Three more bricks describe the way in which the SSE Group adds value through core relationships with employees, suppliers and society as a whole. The house is underpinned by an ethos of 'doing no harm' to people or the environment.

Responsble House