Our business has an essential purpose at its core - providing the energy people and businesses need to survive. We have a responsibility to ensure this need is met in a sustainable way, both now and for the long term. Sustainability is therefore a guiding value for SSE and has been for many years – we define our sustainable approach as:

Sustainable Approach

Our determination to act in a sustainable way is embedded throughout our different business operations. For us it is simply about being responsible in all that we do.  Doing what is expected of us and going beyond this whenever we can... and making a positive difference to people’s lives as a result.

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Being responsible, making a difference

Shareholders allow us to exist; but it's our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we live, work and operate, who allow us to be successful. So shareholders need us to do the right thing.

This video highlights some of the actions SSE has taken to ensure it has a positive impact on people's lives.

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Making a difference

SSE is one of the UK’s biggest officially-accredited Living Wage employers.

Recent research has shown us that over 80% of people are worried about rising energy prices in the next two years – so we have frozen our energy prices until 2016 - the longest unconditional price guarantee the domestic energy market has ever seen.

SSE is UK’s largest generator of renewable energy and has been leading the Renewables revolution for over 70 years

Our Be the Difference programme means all our staff are paid to volunteer - over 8,000 days of support was provided to local charities in 2013/14.

Constructing our ‘Responsible House’

At SSE we work hard to make sure the lights stay on, energy costs are affordable, we provide the best service to our customers and the environmental impact of producing and distributing energy is kept to a minimum. Only by achieving this will we meet the responsibilities we have to our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

To help people see more clearly how a sustainable approach is at the core of what SSE does, we have developed our ‘Responsible House’, which includes nine core areas (bricks) which we think best demonstrate our commitment to acting in a responsible way.

Find out more about each of our bricks using the menu on the left.

Paying our fair share

As a provider of an essential service that every member of society depends on, at SSE we firmly believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the societies in which we operate.

Paying the appropriate amount of tax is core to this; and we are therefore committed to abiding by both the spirit and letter of the UK's tax regulations.

So we’re proud to lead the way and be recognised as the first FTSE 100 company to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark. As a result of our accreditation, we hope to have set a new benchmark in corporate disclosure making our tax affairs more transparent, clear and accessible.

For more information see our News and Views page, or view our tax policy on our Reporting and Data page.

To find out more about the Fair Tax Mark visit http://www.fairtaxmark.net/.


Decent companies make sure they abide by the law and do no harm to the communities they serve or the environment they operate in. Responsible companies should go further than that. Not having a negative impact is not enough in the 21st century; customers and communities are rightly demanding more. This is especially true for an energy company.

Alistair Phillps-Davies, SSE's Chief Executive, explains why being a responsible company matters to SSE.