Making a Difference

SSE understands the importance of having a market that customers trust and does a lot to make sure that SSE leads the thinking and, more importantly, the actions in delivering what customers and other market participants need.

We have led reforms in so many different parts of the energy industry because we don't wait for the regulations, but understand that real change takes real leadership.

On the customer side, amongst other things, we were:

  • The first of the major energy suppliers to simplify its tariffs, well before Ofgem made regulations in this area
  • The first company to introduce a Customer Service Guarantee where we provide £20 to customers when we fail to live up to our own high standards
  • The only company with a Sales Guarantee that promises to put things right when the process does not go as it should
  • The first energy company to end cold calling

We have also made huge reforms on the wholesale side too, for example:

  • We led the way in routinely trading 100% of our generation and demand in the N2EX exchange - making it easy for all market participants to buy electricity
  • We created a small supplier trading commitment to allow smaller players to buy energy over the long term on favourable credit terms

We have also ended backbilling, led the way on community benefit, ended contract rollovers for small businesses and made so many other commitments and initiatives which make a difference to customers every day. But we won't stop here: there will be more to come.