Harmony Upgrade Project

Who does this concern

  • All suppliers that get orders via our Harmony ERP system
  • Orders from Vixen (SSE Enterprise Contracting) and Lykos (Retail) are not affected
  • Suppliers delivering in to Thatcham and Eurocentral Warehouses, other deliveries are not affected

Systems Outage

iSupplier is not available until 9am on Monday 30 October 2017.
Purchase orders from Harmony cannot be created or sent during this period. This affects our Networks businesses and Generation, both in the UK and Ireland.

What does this mean to me

There will be a major technical upgrade of our ERP system (Harmony), which is the system that supports Finance, Logistics and Procurement in SSE, including the iSupplier portal that you use.

There is a system outage, which includes the procurement system, between until 9am on Monday 30 October.

The upgraded Harmony is going live on Monday 30 October 2017.

Access Changes

What's new?

  • New URL and new rules for passwords
  • New look for the login and homepage

New URL: http://supp.sse.com (Action - if you have saved the current link as a bookmark, you will need to replace it with the new one on 30/10/2017.)
Passwords: Passwords will now be case sensitive, all other rules remain the same. Your current User ID and password will remain the same.

If you need any further help or advice, please email harmony.upgrade@sse.com


Which Procurement activities are suspended during this system outage?

During the Harmony outage purchase orders cannot be created and invoices cannot be received and processed. iSupplier is not accessible.

What is the SSE Buying team doing to prepare for this?

The buying team is preparing to place any orders required during the outage period in advance of the outage period.

What is the SSE Inventory team doing to prepare for this?

The inventory team will process any orders required in advance of the outage.  For certain critical regular stock items there may be an increase in quantities ordered to avoid shortages – this will return to normal after the outage.

Who should I contact if I have a query about procurement during the outage?

Speak to your usual procurement contact.

What will happen to goods that are despatched or are in transit over this period?

Our warehouses cannot accept deliveries during this time.

Will goods that are not going into central stores be received?

Yes. Goods delivered directly to site can be delivered as normal.

What will happen with outstanding invoices and payments due?

Payments for approved invoices will be made on the payment due date.

What should I do if I have a payment query during the outage?

Contact Accounts Payable as normal, however please be aware that Accounts Payable will not have access to process, approve or pay invoices during the outage.

Is there any preparation that I need to do in order to manage invoicing and payment?

Please ensure invoices are issued to AP in a timely manner. If the invoice is due for payment and has been approved, payment will be initiated before the outage.