The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing strategy and policy as agreed by the Board and for the operational management of all of SSE's businesses. It is made up of the Executive Directors and senior Executives listed below:

The Executive Committee

Alistair Phillips-Davies - Chief Executive

Alistair became an Executive Director in January 2002 and became Chief Executive in July 2013.

Alistair is a Chartered Accountant and this together with his operational experience and leadership skills means he brings significant knowledge and commerciality to the Board. Alistair has 20 years’ service with the Group, where he has held leadership roles in the Wholesale, Retail and Enterprise areas, as well as Corporate Finance. In addition, he has led many of the Group’s most significant transactions since the merger in 1998 when SSE plc was formed. Prior to 1997 he worked for HSBC and National Westminster Bank in corporate finance and business development roles in London and New York.

Key appointments
Member of the Accenture Global Energy Board. Vice President of Eurelectric.

Gregor Alexander - Finance Director

Gregor was appointed Finance Director in 2002..

Gregor is a Chartered Accountant and has over 25 years’ service with the Group, joining Scottish Hydro-Electric plc in 1990. He therefore has the benefit of experiencing much change in the energy sector and his detailed understanding of the different aspects of the SSE Group and its operating environment is invaluable. He was SSE’s Group Treasurer and Tax Manager before being appointed as Finance Director in 2002. The responsibilities of this role were first expanded in 2010. He has been instrumental in many of SSE’s major investments including SSE’s investment in SGN. Prior to 1990, Gregor worked for Arthur Andersen.

Key appointments
Non-Executive Director of Stagecoach Group plc. Chairman of Scotia Gas Networks Ltd.

Colin Nicol - Managing Director, Networks

Colin Nicol is Managing Director, Networks. He joined SSE in 2010 and is responsible for SSE's electricity distribution and transmission networks.

Martin Pibworth - Wholesale Director

Martin joined SSE in 1998 as an energy trader, becoming Managing Director, Energy Portfolio Management, and a member of SSE's then Management Board in 2012.  In 2014, he was appointed Managing Director, Wholesale, and a member of SSE's Executive Committee. Martin became Wholesale Director and a member of the SSE plc Board in September 2017. Martin is responsible for energy portfolio management, electricity generation, gas production, gas storage, and energy supply and related services for industrial and commercial customers.

Company Secretary

Sally Fairbairn - Company Secretary and Director of Investor Relations

Sally Fairbairn joined SSE in 1997. Sally and her team provide company secretarial support and services to the Group and are the contact point for the investment community.